Beck Norman

writer / narrator / producer

Beck Norman is a multi-international-award-winning writer, actor and producer. She has appeared in film and on television, stage and radio. 

As well, she has produced live news-affairs and call-in shows and award-winning podcasts. In her advertising days, she even wrote gag lines for the late Joan Rivers. 

Beck has been writing and performing all her life. At the age of four, her father brought home a tape recorder. She immediately chose the stage name Rebecca LaTour and made her father and mother the unwitting accomplices – otherwise referred to as "guests" – on her daily interview show, cleverly entitled The Rebecca LaTour Show. (She was four. What did you expect?) 

In order to stop having to be her interview guests, and to get her out of the house more, her parents put her in dance lessons. She started dancing constantly. So, her parents thought acting lessons might burn off some energy. She started to put on plays at school and in the backyard. 

Then at 13, she met a girl at a birthday party who was doing commercials. That started the search to take this performing path seriously. 

Her parents knew nothing about this type of work and had no interest in learning, so Beck took her babysitting money, got some head shots and went off to get an agent and a union card. The rest is history. 

In her spare time, Beck Norman managed to get a BA in Psychology and a BEd from York University, Toronto, mostly to make her parents happy. In case that “Rebecca LaTour” thing didn’t work out. 

She is also an extraordinary photographer, evidenced by her work posted at

James Keith Norman


Compared with Beck, James is a late bloomer. 

This multi-international-award-winning writer, performer and producer started writing poetry and songs at the age of nine. And he has never stopped. 

James is truly driven to create. And he’s good at it. From his critically acclaimed novel, Echoes, to his visionary approach to creating podcasts (which earned him a coveted Mobius award), James is one of those creatives who make you think “I wish I'd written that.” 

His complete right brain/left brain approach to work has led him to hold positions at Maclean’s Magazine and Rogers Broadcasting, get his MBA later in his career, and write and record music. 

Since 2011, he’s released six collections (four EPs and two albums) and 10 standalone singles of songs he wrote. Not bound by one genre, his music ranges from singer-songwriter and contemporary country to orchestral instrumentals. Most of his recordings were recorded in Nashville with some of that city's best musicians. 

James’s 2014 song and recording “God Make Me Strong Enough” is a favorite for many father-daughter wedding dances. 

All of his music can be heard on the leading streaming services.